5 Clothing Brands I Want to Try in 2022

Over the years, the fashion industry has slowly made strides in plus size/extended size clothing. Brands finally realize that we bigger girls also love looking cute and that they can make bank off of us, too. (It sucks that that is probably their main motivation rather than genuine inclusiveness, but we will take it for now.) I have gone from only shopping at Lane Bryant and Torrid to finally finding cool alternative brands that supply some stuff in my size! I wanted to share a few brands that I want to check out myself this year with you so maybe you can check them out and share your thoughts with me.

Let me know what brands you want to try out in 2022 in the comments below so we can share some new places to shop amongst each other!

(Please note that any links I include are not affiliate links, and no one is asking me to include them. I am just sharing items I enjoy that I think you may enjoy, too.)

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