5 Clothing Brands I Want to Try in 2022

Over the years, the fashion industry has slowly made strides in plus size/extended size clothing. Brands finally realize that we bigger girls also love looking cute and that they can make bank off of us, too. (It sucks that that is probably their main motivation rather than genuine inclusiveness, but we will take it for now.) I have gone from only shopping at Lane Bryant and Torrid to finally finding cool alternative brands that supply some stuff in my size! I wanted to share a few brands that I want to check out myself this year with you so maybe you can check them out and share your thoughts with me.

Let me know what brands you want to try out in 2022 in the comments below so we can share some new places to shop amongst each other!

(Please note that any links I include are not affiliate links, and no one is asking me to include them. I am just sharing items I enjoy that I think you may enjoy, too.)

Ashley Stewart

Ashley Stewart pops up consistently when I look for specific plus size clothing items. Somehow, though, I sleep on them despite liking their catalogue. Browsing through their website, they have a great combination of trendy items for mainstream fashion looks and edgy items that would be great for any fellow alternative folks to add to their collection. It also appears like the prices are pretty reasonable (for prices in the plus size clothing world), and they often have deals going on to save some money.

Personally, I am super interested in these faux leather leggings and this Morticia Addams-esque dress right now.


Honestly, I am surprised that I have also slept on ASOS since I have known about their existence for years. When browsing through their website, it appears that they offer more mainstream trendy items, but I believe some great items like this top could be incorporated with other more alternative pieces to make for a great edgy look.

Not only do they have a great selection of plus size clothing items, but they also offer wide width shoes! Shoes give me the most difficulty, upset, and disappointment when shopping. So it is nice to see a place that offers wide widths. I just hope that the boots they offer are also a bit wider in the ankles and calves so we big-legged individuals can enjoy. (Reviews to come so you know if they are worth the purchase!)

I am a sucker for animal print, so this animal print blouse caught my eye immediately; it will probably be one of my next purchases.


As stated above, shoes are my biggest shopping trigger. I avoid shoe shopping to the point where the only comfy shoes I have now are beat up Dexflex Comfort flats, a 5+-year-old pair of sneakers with paint on them, scuffed and dented croc pattern dress boots, and 10-year-old Guess combat boots that have been through hell and back at shows and my university campus many moons ago. A fashion goal of mine for 2022 is to tackle the dread that fills my stomach and actually buy some damn shoes.

T.U.K. shoes get great reviews both from fellow social media users and people I know in real life. (Just do not expect a cheap shopping trip on their page; their shoes are definitely on the costly end.) I am a bit hesitant to buy any of the shoes not marked as unisex (W/M sizes both listed) due to the wide feet issue, but there seems to be a great selection of unisex boots to choose from still (albeit they are less feminine than I might like them to be).

The pair of boots I have eyed the most are these vegan chained lug boots.

Vixen by Micheline Pitt

I discovered this brand only a month or two ago via another Instagrammer’s outfit tags. This brand ventures far from the affordable side of the spectrum, but their clothing selection looks incredible. They offer really unique collection patterns, and I did see they offer their dresses and skirts in different styles/cuts to fit your preference. I feel it is necessary for me to splurge on at least one item this year since the clothing also looks pretty high-quality.

This bat print swing dress is to die for, and it is screaming to join my closet.

Sourpuss Clothing

This is another brand I found specifically through someone I follow. They have all sorts of clothing, accessories, and even home goods that would make any spooky little heart giddy. It seems like I, personally, would not be able to buy pants due to my hip measurements; they do have awesome pants, though. Pieces vary from basic (while not being too basic) to bold-patterned, so there is something for everyone there.

A basic piece I enjoy is this chartreuse top. I also love this super cute hex dress they sell.

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