Ghoulish Greetings!

As the title states, greetings to you all! Welcome to the online home of Jessica Allure, blogger and Twitch streamer. I wanted to write up an introductory post to let you guys get a general idea of what this page and myself are about so you want to stick around for more.

(If you want some general information about myself specifically, go to my “F.A.Q.” page found in the top menu; more detailed stuff about me will probably come later.)

Why did I start this blog?

I actually started this page back in 2015 when I was 22 years old, and I am reviving it from scratch as a more mature individual. I originally started this after dropping out of university when I dove deeper into makeup and skincare to create a place where I could practice, build confidence in myself, and maybe help others find some helpful advice or relatable vibes along the way.

I am reviving and revamping the page now (in December 2021) for a similar reason, I guess. I lost myself even before the pandemic and the deaths of my father’s parents, so those factors only worsened the bad feelings/lack of feelings at all. The last half of 2021 has been going out into the music scene again and rekindling and creating new friendships as well as dressing nicely and looking pretty again. (I work from home full-time now, meaning I don’t get the opportunity to go out and look cute much aside from errands.) I also started streaming on Twitch earlier in the year, which I hope to continue soon, and would love to include that aspect here.

What Are My Goals for This Blog?

Like when this page started, I hope any insight or creativity I have helps educate and inspire people who visit. All I really want is to be myself and hopefully bring some enjoyment and knowledge to an audience.

What Will You See Here?

Pretty much anything? I primarily focus on beauty and plus size fashion, so most of my content will involve that (Outfit/Makeup of the Day, hauls and anti-hauls, product reviews, etc.). However, I also want to include material about other projects I pursue and nerdy shit I am into like gaming and comics.

What Will the Posting Schedule be??

Since I want to ease myself back into blogging and a consistent schedule, we will start with posts every Thursday at 7:00 A.M. Eastern Time. (The number of posts is so small because creating makeup looks and other content can take some time, and I also run another blog for my professional writing that I post to.)

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